Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Eventful Afternoon!

I've been wanting to get rid of our dining room chairs for SO long. They were one of my old flatmate's grandmother's chairs, and we weren't too fond of the look of them to begin with, but we were poor uni students and any (free) furniture was welcome! Upon moving out they ended up with me, and although they've served us well, they just don't suit the style of our apartment at all.

I kind of wanted to get some lucite chairs to go with our table, however it can get quite expensive when you have to buy four of them, and I'm not sure I want to spend a lot of money on a trend that has been around for a while and might go out of fashion soon!

So last night I was scouring Gumtree for some bargains, and I came across these wooden chairs and asked if they were still available. Lucky for me they were and this afternoon after work, I picked them up! 

I had to include a picture of my car - my beloved little Honda Jazz (aka Jazzy Fay) fitted 6 chairs in the back of it!  The guy I got the chairs from luckily helped me tetris pack them! Why would I ever want another car?! Jazzy is a city runabout and ute in one. 

Jazzy Fay with 6 chairs in the back!
Then I had to unpack them at home and lug them up the stairs, and take the old chairs down - it took me about half an hour and I was pretty dead by the end!

The chairs aren't my favourite shape but I think they should look quite nice once I've sanded them back and painted them in glossy white to match the table. And if I end up hating them, or finding something better, they were only $13 a chair, so it's not too big of a deal lol.

I gave them a thorough wipe over with a damp cloth and some disinfectant. 
I'll post a picture of them when they're painted and looking significantly better!

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