Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Return of Glitter

Usually I'm not a massive fan of sparkle in my make-up... it makes me think of 80's pearlised pink lipstick, Boy George and glitter gel smudged on temples at Blue Light discos, but I have been noticing (and loving) the return of glitter make-up.

My change of heart towards glitter started with make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge, and her inspired use of glitter from the December 2010 issue of UK Glamour Magazine. I'd never seen loose glitter used on the lip before, especially in such a sophisticated and wearable way.

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Brands such as Make-up Forever, Illamasqua and M.A.C have the most gorgeous loose glitters in their current lines and collections. They're in sexy and sophisticated colours and alot are finely-milled (not chunky like craft store stuff).

To achieve the perfect glitter lip start with a bold base of lip liner and lipstick (Eldridge used a berry base in one look and a hot pink in another), put a light amount of lipgloss over the top (either clear or in a complimentary colour) and then pat on your glitter of choice. You can stick to one glitter or try different shades to add some extra dimension eg. lighter colour at the cupid's bow.

Remember if you're going to try this look, keep the rest of the face glitter-free - you want to be the belle of the ball, not the disco ball.

Whilst it's not a look for the office, a glitter lip would be a super-chic look for any cocktail or night-time function (just remember to sip your martini through a straw!)

Glitter eyeliner is also making a big come back with Illamasqua, Urban Decay and M.A.C have all featuring them in recent collections or in their current line. Glitter eyeliner packed with glitter provides the biggest 'wow' factor, rather than those comprised of mostly gel.

Glitter eyeliner can be used along the lash line, as you would a normal liquid liner, or for something a little more edgy, try a graphic shape along the socket line.

The same rule applies to glitter eyeliner as it did to the glitter lip - keep the rest of your face glitter-free and you'll be sitting pretty!

Urban Decay glitter eyeliners.

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