Friday, January 28, 2011

They're not shorts if you can see bum cheek.

When purchasing denim shorts, please keep this simple rule in mind. I have had my eyes assaulted numerous times this summer by bum cheeks hanging out the bottom of "denim shorts". I don't care how great you think your bum is, or if you are wearing them to a festival; once I can see arse, they're officially classified as underwear. The fact that they are made out of denim, is irrelevant - they're NOT shorts. 

My worst experience was walking behind a girl in a shopping centre, her "shorts" were smaller than your Bonds boylegs, and there was major cheekage on display.... I thought things couldn't get any worse, until she dropped her wallet. She attempted to squat and pick it up. Alas! Her "shorts" were too tight for such a maneuver! I could see her hesitate. Then she bent over to retrieve her wallet... 


It was not a sight I needed nor wanted to see. Scarred for freakin' life.



Lindsay Lohan is a complete mess and even she manages to get it right....

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